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Each Art Piece is a Rendering of Compassion


Art isn't captured only in shows and installations. Art is everywhere in raw form—and as a part of this year's Global Gala the Charter is introducing a Gallery filled with wonderful creations from an extraordinary group of people—each taking an idea, feeling or passion, adding the raw ingredients and creating a personal masterpiece. Some of these m...

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Art as Inspiration Gives Rise to Compassion!

Art as inspiration gives rise to compassion

InBodiedLight Being #9 from back, ZaHaVa Sherez, InBodiedLight Being #9 from the front.  Art is not often passive or silent. It can hold fantasy, depict reality, convey emotion, carry gravitas, transport one to other places, and trigger a physical reaction. The art of ZaHaVa Sherez is engaging and inspiring. First, I find myself glancing,...

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