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Looking Through Broken Glass: 10 Ways to be more Compassionate and Help the peoples of Ukraine and Russia


If everybody looks through broken glass, then together, we are looking at a world that looks broken. When I notice my crack…you notice yours, and we start healing our cracks, then we begin to look at the world through clear glass. And that's what trauma healing does. It starts unifying the world.

~Thomas Hübl

How many cracks have appeared in our window over the last few years: COVID, Syria, the death of George Floyd and too many others, floods, droughts, fires and now the invasion of Ukraine. Can you make sense of what is happening? Do you dare take a side other than on the side of "kill no one in my name?" Imagine the unimaginable—your community being invaded. For what? Consider the fear of people on both sides, one side for their lives, the other side for seeing their sons, brothers and fathers coming back in body bags. In whose name is this insanity being perpetrated?

What can we do to help the peoples of Ukraine and Russia:

  1. Engage with the reality of the moment, don't turn your back on what is happening. Speak up for the rights of every member of our human family. Don't get bogged down in blaming, hypothesizing, or forecasting.It is WRONG to take lives, damage the environment and add to unnecessary collective trauma. Use your energy to help others.

  2. Reach out to your representatives in government and urge them to support sanctions against the Russian Federation. Lend support to those in government offices who understand what it means to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Reflect on how this is not a catch phrase or a flippant statement. It is real. It may mean, no matter where we live, we may suffer for following this belief. Accept this reality--higher prices for fuel, less goods on the shelves, etc.

  3. Start or join a rally to support efforts for peace and to end the war. People on both sides of the aggression are victims of the conflict. We too are suffering the residuals of this war.

  4. Connect to your own resilience. Connect to compassion. Perform compassionate actions for others around you because you love them, and you love humankind. If you can't relate to that last statement, consider finding out the source of your feelings. Remember acts of kindness multiply.

  5. Recognize the angst of the geographic neighbors to Ukraine and Russia—those who suffered through WWII and the Holocaust. Consider how that ancestral trauma has never been healed.

  6. Meditate for peace. Pray for peace.

  7. Work to eliminate nuclear weapons. Threats are now being made to use them. Join Voices for a Nuclear Free World.

  8. Support the international Red Cross and United Help Ukraine. UHU is a nonprofit that distributes food and medical supplies to displaced persons.

  9. Support Voices of Children: an organization that gives psychological and psychosocial support to children who are suffering because of war operations.

  10. Don't give up on humanity.

With Warm regards,
Marilyn Turkovich

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