I see the Charter as the superhighway of compassion. We are a virtual infrastructure of sorts that builds bridges between communities working on compassionate initiatives. The Charter connects people to other people, programs, and partners around the globe. The Charter offers regular surges of power (programs) that transmit sparks of kindness, empathy, forgiveness, compassion, and love to all who are plugged in. We are also a vibrant network of volunteers who are helping to design this superhighway in their corner of the world and then feed power back into the grid for others to use.

This is what I love about the Charter for Compassion. It is a dynamic, powerful superhighway that is leading us step by step to transforming self, evolving how we treat others, and changing how we live on this planet. That is the power of the Charter for Compassion!

Please join this movement. Support this critical infrastructure today.
Donate your moneyDonate your time, and donate your heart energy to everyone around you by being kinder than necessary, patient with others, and understanding of everyone. That is compassion in action.


In gratitude,

Susan Soleil
Development Director

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